Watch of the Month: Speedmaster 2021 cal 3861

Watch of the Month: Speedmaster 2021 cal 3861

A true classic, refined for the new generation. Originally released in 1957, the speedmasters iconic design remains almost the same. With this year’s release, Omega has reworked the bracelet entirely along with introducing a new hand wound movement. So what are the first impressions of this new model and how does it compare to the previous generation? Keep reading to find out.

Reference: 310. (hesalite)
Movement: Manual cal. 3861
Diameter: 42mm 
Material: Steel 
Complications: Chronograph

Originally being released in 1957, the watch industry has developed a lot since it’s introduction. Yet, the speedmaster has almost remained unchanged in terms of design and aesthetics. This year’s release is probably one of the biggest changes yet to the watch since 1957.

Undoubtedly; the new bracelet is definitely eye-catching with it’s new design. Even though it does still retain the original speedmaster heritage, it can be seen as a modern interpretation. Compared to the previous generation, this feels completely different and more solid. I personally consider this to be a huge upgrade compared to the slightly clunkier bracelet featured on it’s precursor. The buckle has also been completely reengineered, resulting in a more solid impression. It also features vertical lines on the clasp as a decoration which ads a unique design element which separates it from the standard clasp found on seamaster’s etc. 

The case has also been upgraded in terms of shape, this is most noticeable on it’s profile where the lugs are slightly differently shaped. This makes the watch feel very balanced on the wrist. In addition to these two changes, a lot of less noticeable design tweaks have been implemented including different printing, engraving, new pushers etc. 

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